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               It was in February 1986 that Mr. Haineault bough       the Cabanon. This snowmobile relay, mostly known by           Americans only includes a bar-restaurant. This welcoming place seems like the best place to serve a few customers and enjoy the countryside while waiting for retirement.

              After the first winter of exploitation, Mr Haineault realises that there               is a strong demand for lodging from the Americans snowmobilers. It is         then the beginning of a great adventure when he decides to build 12 rooms          to accommodate the snowmobilers. All the while keeping his job in Montreal, he himself does a big part of the construction and he receives his first customers thanks to business cards that the customers left to the old owners in the new Cabanon the next winter.

        At that time all the family is giving a helping hand from the mother of Mr. Haineault in the         kitchen, to his father at the plunge, his wife as waitress and him at the bar, the kids also         helped where they could after school and during the weekends. Soon enough there is not enough room for the demand and it is decided that another renovation is needed... And thus was born l’Auberge le Cabanon.

Then came the groups during the summer, the very first was an aunt of Mrs. Haineault which came with a group of friend and the priest of her locality. With word of mouth as their sole publicity, the demand for groups was also growing fast. It was then decided to add some new installations for the groups such as ballrooms and game rooms, outdoors games like horseshoe and pétanque and to the great pleasure of all, an indoor pool and hot tub in 1994. The last big changes where an extension of the kitchen along with the addition of a dining room with a fireplace and a remodeling of the bar in the autumn of 2006.

Now with 58 rooms, the indoor pool and the hot tub, the 2 dining rooms, the bar, the 2 living rooms and more, the little snowmobile relay has grown a lot. Yet if one thing has never changer it is the warm welcome of the owners and their pleasure in making your stay unforgettable. What better proof is there than loyal customers for more than 20 years that even to this day come back to enjoy the snowmobile trails in the winter or the beauty of the surrounding nature all year long.

We hope to receive you soon!

Isabelle Haineault

Our history